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Writing The Journey™

Journal Writing Exercises

The heart of this online journal writing workshop is the exercises!   I have organized the exercises into categories to help you find the exercise that meets your needs at this time.

There is no structure to this workshop.  You can pick any of the exercises you want to do, and you can do them in any order.  I encourage you to do whatever seems interesting to you.

Writing Techniques

These journal writing exercises teach you ways to organize your thoughts for your writing.  You can use these techniques any time you write an entry in your journal.  They include:

Dialog Writing: Hearing your own voice

Organic Notes: Organize your thoughts and ideas

Timed Writing: The mighty ten minutes

Unsent Letters: Letting go of what binds you

Life Issues

These journal writing exercises are designed to address specific questions or problems you may be having in your life.  They will help you to make progress with the challenges you face in your personal spiritual path.  They include:

Get Organized: Making it easier to write

I Believe: Writing your belief system

Legend of You: Exploring your personal myth

Prosperity: Writing abundance into your life

Tune-up Your Journal: Why keep a journal?

Tips & Tricks

These journal writing exercises are short and simple, but provide a big boost to your journal.  When you are getting bored of the same old thing, try one of these to bring a little excitement into your writing experience.  They include:

Add Pizzazz: Little things that make a difference

Happy List: Find out what makes you happy

Thank You Entries: Practice gratitude

Win List: Praising yourself for a job well done

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