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Hearing Your Own Voice

One of the secrets for making your journal writing more satisfying is to move beyond writing mere descriptions of events and emotional purging entries. Both of these types of entries are important as you process the events and issues in your life, and both have a place in your journal. But when all of your entries fall into these two categories, it is like always eating the same two meals--it gets a little boring in the long run.

The most powerful journal writing technique I use is dialog writing. With this type of entry, you write out a conversation. Each dialog starts with a question. The question can be directed at another person in your life, a part of your body, your angel guides, your higher self, or God. You write out your words and then write out the response you hear in your head. I label my words as A: in the margin, and the responses I label as B:. This way, I don’t worry so much about who is talking.  It lets me focus on the information that is being exchanged.

This exercise consists of four parts:

  1. Dialog Example: From my own journal

  2. Who Is Talking?: The other voice

  3. Suggestions: Things that work well for me

  4. Personal note: About my experience

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