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Writing The Journey™

A Message from Charlene Kingston

When I tell people I have a journal writing website, I get a lot of strange looks.   People think they know what journal writing is all about... you get some paper and a pen and start writing.  Right?

The answer is YES and NO.  YES, because it is that easy to start and keep a journal.  And NO, because there is so much more your can do with a journal!

My Journal Story

I started my journal when I was 10 years old. It has been a passionate relationship and one that has changed with the seasons of my life. About 20 years ago, I went through a tough personal time, and discovered that my journal was the greatest support available to me. It was better than friends who had their own problems, and better than advisors who we pushing me to do what they thought I should do.  During that time, I learned that I could sit and write by myself and work through the issues and feelings I was facing. I was doing more than surviving, I was starting to make sense of the confusing things that were happening to me.

Although I had always been looking for the bigger picture in my life, that time showed me the real value and importance of choosing a spiritual life.  I make a distinction between a spiritual life and a religious life.  There are many people involved in religions who don't have a spiritual life.  There are also many people who aren't involved with any religion who have a spiritual life.  And then, there are some people who have both.

I was so excited by how my journal helped me find the meaning in my life events that I started doing journal writing workshops to share this information with other people.   I also started publishing a newsletter, Celestia™, to share what I was learning with people everywhere. My main goal was to encourage people to follow their heart. I believe that no one ever makes a mistake when they choose to follow their heart.

Following Your Heart

Usually, the decision to follow your heart causes some initial upheaval and confusion in your life. I have discovered in my own life that these changes are taking away the parts of my life that don’t help me follow my heart. Once these are gone, I've found new people, places, jobs, and situations that let me follow my heart and be the person I truly want to be. I’ve learned to accept the confusion and changes as friends.

I don’t know what anyone else should do with his or her life. I don’t want to convert anyone to my way of thinking, or to influence anyone to make any changes. All I want to do is encourage you to follow your own heart. Your heart is telling you what you need to do. If there is confusion, and if you aren’t sure what your heart is saying, perhaps your journal writing can help you get connected to your heart and your dreams.

About This Workshop

That is where Writing The Journey™ comes in. After I quit doing the face-to-face workshops, I put the workshop on the Internet so people who are looking for this information can find it. That is why this workshop doesn’t list the exercises in any order.

I encourage you to read through the concepts section, and then to look at the writing exercises.  Pick one that interests you and try it.  After than, pick another one that interests you, and try that one.  While you are trying it, listen to your own ideas, and make any changes you want. There are no rules!  Take a chance, and make the exercise your own by modifying my instructions to fit your life.

If you find your heart is encouraged by these exercises, and if you feel you have found a place where you can be just who you are, I encourage you to sign up for the monthly newsletter.  And keep checking back!  I am always adding new exercises and features to the web site.

Godspeed in your journey...


Last updated on: Saturday, December 15, 2007 6:27 PM